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where passion meets confectionery excellence

Hand-painted luxury chocolates

Welcome to, where passion meets confectionery excellence. Meet Judit Mc Nally, a devoted chocolate enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in crafting delectable confections. Her latest venture,, is a celebration of hand-painted luxury chocolates created with unparalleled expertise.

At, our mission is to redefine chocolate indulgence. We aim to elevate your sensory experience by offering meticulously crafted, visually stunning chocolates. Each piece tells a story of passion, dedication, and a love for the art of chocolate making.

Artisan Craftsmanship
Immerse yourself in the world of artisan chocolates, where every piece is a work of edible art.
Luxurious Flavors
Experience a symphony of flavors curated with the finest ingredients, showcasing Judit's culinary mastery.
20 Years of Expertise
Benefit from Judit's extensive confectionery experience, ensuring a delightful and memorable chocolate experience.
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Uncover a world of hand-painted chocolates that blend artistry with
irresistible flavors.


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Indulge in the sensory journey of, where each bite is a moment of pure delight.

Why Choose Us?

• Passionate Craftsmanship

Judit’s love for chocolate is infused into every creation, promising a unique and heartfelt experience.

• Culinary Legacy

Building on the success of her previous cafe in Dungarvan, Co Waterford, Ireland, Judit brings her culinary legacy to

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